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“This training is an eye-opener.
The Master of Online Persuasion is a perfect blend of gathering knowledge, understand how it works, and then apply it.”

Dorine Saes, Rabobank

“My goal was to be more effective in my A/B testing (with the use of scientific psychological theories instead of only analytic knowledge) and I succeeded!”

Annemarie Klaassen, TUI travel group

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Needs & Motivations, Your customer|

"We are more likely to perform actions when we believe in our own competence" Self-efficacy is a person’s belief in his/her own competence. According to Albert Bandura – who defined self-efficacy theory - this personalized

  • Weather effects on online decision making

Weather effects

Context, Your environment|

“The weather affects our decisions" Weather effects on online decision making Weather conditions influence our mood. And is well established in the psychological literature that mood, feelings, and emotions affect our decisions. On

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4. Ethics

Drawing the line

Don’t be evil

Embedding ETHICS in your digital capabilities

Digital persuasion & experience design can be applied unethically

We assist organizations in assuring their processes & culture prevent that these capabilities are used to promote behavior and experiences that we as a culture find unacceptable (like causing harm, regret, discrimination, or compromising other positive values).

Whether the ethical line is crossed, does not depend on ‘dark patterns’. It depends on how knowledge and capabilities are applied, what the effects are and if these cross your organization’s ethical line…

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5. The Wheel of Persuasion

The world’s largest collection of Persuasion & Experience Tactics

The world’s biggest collection of psychological tactics


The Wheel of Persuasion is the world’s biggest collection of Online Persuasion & Experience Design Tactics that includes a brief explanation of the academic background, as well as practical tips on how to monetize these insights, and often with digital proof of the effectiveness (a/b-tests).

=> Get inspired by what truly drives our online behavior and experiences.

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