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Reflection Effect

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"We are risk-averse when we have something to gain, but risk-seeking when we have something to lose" The reflection effect explains that we have opposite 'risk preferences' for uncertain choices, depending on whether the outcomes

Gaze Cueing

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"We automatically focus our orientation to the same object that others are looking at" When we're confronted with faces, we can't help but to intensely process the eyes and their highly expressive surrounding region. Eyes

Yerkes-Dodson effect

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"With more incentive, our performance increases, but only to a certain extent" When we are promised a higher incentive for a better performance, we want to perform better. At low incentive levels this increased motivation

Forer effect

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"We can more easily recognize ourselves in vague, mostly positive and general personality descriptions" The Forer Effect is our tendency to highly rate the accuracy of descriptions of our personality that supposedly are tailored specifically

Cognitive dissonance

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"When we do something that is not in line with our beliefs, we change our beliefs" When there's a mismatch between our beliefs and behavior we experience what Leon Festinger calls a 'cognitive dissonance'. And

Choice-supportive bias

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“I chose this option, therefore its features are the best" We have a tendency to remember our choices as being better than they actually were. We over-attribute positive features to the options we've chosen. On

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Drawing the line

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Embedding ETHICS in your digital capabilities

Digital persuasion & experience design can be applied unethically

We assist organizations in assuring their processes & culture prevent that these capabilities are used to promote behavior and experiences that we as a culture find unacceptable (like causing harm, regret, discrimination, or compromising other positive values).

Whether the ethical line is crossed, does not depend on ‘dark patterns’. It depends on how knowledge and capabilities are applied, what the effects are and if these cross your organization’s ethical line…

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The Wheel of Persuasion is the world’s biggest collection of Online Persuasion & Experience Design Tactics that includes a brief explanation of the academic background, as well as practical tips on how to monetize these insights, and often with digital proof of the effectiveness (a/b-tests).

=> Get inspired by what truly drives our online behavior and experiences.

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