Bart Schutz (1972) is renowned keynote speaker. He combines deep & profound knowledge of behavioral science, with practical applications. Moreover, he presents his eye-opening insights in his speeches with lots of humor, applied evidence & impact. His -often ‘best-speaker-0rated’- on-stage and online keynotes are true rollercoasters, with addictive and inspirational insights on mixing digital data, brain insights, experimentation & company culture.

Besides being a sought-after keynote speaker, Bart is also a guest lecturer at several universities and always open for more.

Finally, Bart provides inspirational workshops and programs to boost the behavioral skills & capabilities within corporates and startups.

Example keynotes

Among others, Bart spoke at:

  • Conversion@Google Dublin – Ireland
  • Digital Elite Day Londen – United Kingdom
  • Conversion Conference Chicago – USA
  • Conversion Jam Stockholm – Sweden
  • Conversion Boost Kopenhagen -Denmark
  • Conversion Elite Londen – United Kingdom
  • Conversion Summit Istanbul – Turkey
  • Conversion Conference Berlin – Germany
  • inOrbit18 Ljubljana – Slovenië
  • Conversion Conference Las Vegas – USA*

Documentary ‘What Makes You Click’

Bart was also the main character in a documentary on the ethics of Digital Persuasion: “What makes you click”.

Bart’s Biography

Born in a family of psychologists, Bart studied (consumer) psychology at the Tilburg University (Netherlands). With over 15 years of helping businesses to psychologically optimize their online strategy & dialogues, he is one of the few leading voices to have both academic, strategic, and hands-on experience in engineering online persuasion.

He is known for his – rollercoaster type – international keynotes in which Bart spoils you with digital data insights and online A/B-tests that practically prove the effectiveness of applying behavioral economics, neurosciences, and good ‘old’ psychology.

Bart: “Digital channels make behavior measurable, creating a World Wide Walhalla for analyzing, testing and improving scientific insights on how to separate brains from their money”.

Bart is the founder of (with over 200 “Online Persuasion Techniques”), as well as co-founder and stakeholder within the famous and award-winning brain sciences applying company Online Dialogue. He is also the creator and lecturer of The Master of Online Persuasion.

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