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  • Online Persuasion Technique - Money Omission

Money Omission

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“Money kills motivation in a social setting” You want to motivate your customer to buy. Does it help to give a monetary reward? Of course, but... sure not always! An important aspect of motivation is

Hobson’s+1 Choice Effect

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“One option is not really an option” Customers click and buy more when there's a link accompanying your big 'buy now' button (CTA). I personally call this persuasion technique the "Hobson+1 Effect" and it applies

Response Efficacy

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“We are more likely to perform an action when we belief the recommended action leads to the desired outcome" Response efficacy concerns our belief that a certain action will actually be effective. It is closely related, yet

Loss Aversion

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“We strongly prefer to avoid losses over acquiring gains.” Imagine you loose $100 and I happen to be the lucky guy finding it. Loss aversion tells us that - unfortunately - you became more unhappy

Mental Accounting

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"We assign money to ‘mental categories’, and we spend money according to these categories." We find it too difficult to think about every possible alternative purchase, when making a purchase decision. This effect is called

Context Dependent Memory

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“We tend to forget things when we’re out of context.” Do you recognize the following situation? You enter your basement, but instantly forget why you went there. You walk back, and as soon as you

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Drawing the line

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Embedding ETHICS in your digital capabilities

Digital persuasion & experience design can be applied unethically

We assist organizations in assuring their processes & culture prevent that these capabilities are used to promote behavior and experiences that we as a culture find unacceptable (like causing harm, regret, discrimination, or compromising other positive values).

Whether the ethical line is crossed, does not depend on ‘dark patterns’. It depends on how knowledge and capabilities are applied, what the effects are and if these cross your organization’s ethical line…

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The Wheel of Persuasion

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The Wheel of Persuasion is the world’s biggest collection of Online Persuasion & Experience Design Tactics that includes a brief explanation of the academic background, as well as practical tips on how to monetize these insights, and often with digital proof of the effectiveness (a/b-tests).

=> Get inspired by what truly drives our online behavior and experiences.

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