Don’t be evil

Embedding ETHICS in your digital capabilities

Influencing and changing behaviors and experiences can be unethical.

Most organizations do not have unethical intentions. But because human behavior is complex, they are unaware organizations of the unethical consequences of their customer interactions.

Most organizations act unethical, “unintended & unaware”

We assist organizations in assuring their processes & culture prevent that these capabilities are used to promote behavior and experiences that we as a culture find unacceptable (like causing harm, regret, discrimination, or compromising other positive values).

Whether the ethical line is crossed, does not depend on ‘dark patterns’. It depends on how knowledge and capabilities are applied, what the effects are and if these cross your organization’s ethical line…

Code of Ethics

You want your employees to be commercially successful, but not with ethically disputable or inadmissible effects on your customers. A good start is a code of ethics; a set of shared principles designed to guide business decisions. The code is derived by combining your organization’s norms & values, and your customers’ vulnerabilities.

We assist organizations to set up their own code of ethics. From a few simple rules, a visualization, to extensive codes with many articles. Interested?

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Measuring Ethics

By measuring the impact on customer behavior, you can check whether your organization is influencing customers in a positive, or in an ethically disputable, or even inadmissible way.

I assist in determining 1) which behaviors can be ethically sensitive to negative influence, 2) how to measure these objectively, and 3) create an ‘alert system based on these metrics.

Stay on track and make sure measurable ethics are guard railing your data-driven culture at all times! Interested?

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Ethics in your DNA

Assure that business decisions throughout your organization are taken with integrity and without evil (side-) effects on customers. We assist you in 1) creating ethical awareness, 2) boosting knowledge & skills on behavioral influence, and 3) embedding ethical checks in design sprints, a/b-tests, campaign developments, … .

Embedding ethics does not only make you feel a better person, it also boosts both customer and employee satisfaction & retention! Interested?

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