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Hyperbolic Discounting

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"We show a preference for rewards that arrive sooner rather than later" When we consider a choice between two rewards, we tend to prefer the readily available one. We have a stronger preference for more

Affect Heuristic

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“We decide differently depending on our emotional state” The way we feel influences our decisions and their outcomes. When we are happy - for example - we are more likely to try new things. But

Facial distraction

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"We can't resist looking at faces" When we (subconsciously) notice faces in our surroundings, we tend to first scan those faces (as shown in the picture), before looking at anything else. Moreover, we cognitively process

Attentional Bias

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"We pay attention to things that touch us" The Attentional Bias is our tendency to pay more attention to emotionally dominant stimuli, and to neglect other relevant data when making decisions. So the more something touches

Fear Appeals

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"We will fight threats, but only if we're told how to defeat them" A fear appeal is a persuasive message that scares someone with the intent to motivate him to act against the threat. But

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Drawing the line

Don’t be evil

Embedding ETHICS in your digital capabilities

Digital persuasion & experience design can be applied unethically

We assist organizations in assuring their processes & culture prevent that these capabilities are used to promote behavior and experiences that we as a culture find unacceptable (like causing harm, regret, discrimination, or compromising other positive values).

Whether the ethical line is crossed, does not depend on ‘dark patterns’. It depends on how knowledge and capabilities are applied, what the effects are and if these cross your organization’s ethical line…

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The Wheel of Persuasion

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The world’s biggest collection of psychological tactics


The Wheel of Persuasion is the world’s biggest collection of Online Persuasion & Experience Design Tactics that includes a brief explanation of the academic background, as well as practical tips on how to monetize these insights, and often with digital proof of the effectiveness (a/b-tests).

=> Get inspired by what truly drives our online behavior and experiences.

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