Nudges and psychological tactics focused on influencing and changing our CONSCIOUS THOUGHTS and decisions (to uplift persuasiveness and customer experience).

Money Omission

“Money kills motivation in a social setting” You want to motivate your customer to buy. Does it help to give a monetary reward? Of course, but... sure not always! An important aspect of motivation is rooted in the huge difference between so-called monetary markets versus social markets. In a monetary market monetary rewards determine our


"We prefer to get the conclusion first" "Reading texts is not a mystery game" (AartJan van Erkel). Front-loading content means that you first give away the conclusion. Occasionally it can help to arouse one's curiosity by not revealing the conclusion at first, but most of the time it works better if you start with the

Choice paradox

“We love either 3 or 5 options” If we are offered one option, our choice is to either go for it or... not. However, if we are offered two choices, we automatically start choosing between these two options. Not choosing at all becomes a much less obvious option. Therefore offering more than one option is


"We are more likely to perform actions when we believe in our own competence" Self-efficacy is a person’s belief in his/her own competence. According to Albert Bandura – who defined self-efficacy theory - this personalized belief in our ability to succeed affects our behavior. The more competent we think we are (a high level of

Base rate neglect & Base rate fallacy

“We're really bad with numbers” We have a tendency to base judgments on known specific numbers and percentages, ignoring necessary general statistical information. This way we often erroneously over-evaluate options with high numbers and percentages, ignoring what subset or base these numbers apply to… Base Rate Neglect Scientific research example: Imagine you're the

Perceptual incongruence

"We automatically pay attention to things that we did not expect" Only 1% of what you see actually enters through your eyes. Your brain itself fills in the rest. Your brain does this by using prior visual information and established assumptions about the real world. 99% of what you see is 'computed vision', based on

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