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Bart is a passionate ‘Persuasion Psychologist’. He comes from a family of psychologists and married one too. So – although he first tried to study physics – he ended up a… psychologist. Bart specialized in how to influence online consumer behavior. Why online? In his opinion digital is the holy grail for psychology, marketing, service, and sales:

“Due to the measurability of apps, websites and the rise of API unlocked databases, online truly enables us to study consumer behavior and how it can be influenced. In a real-life setting with huge numbers of consumers that are not even aware of our studies. Online is a World Wide Valhalla that my lab-testing psychology Professors didn’t even dare to dream of.”

Before turning to A/B- and multivariate testing, Bart did 2500+ usability tests and came to the conclusion that ‘users’ really don’t know what persuades them…

Chief Psychology Officer

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Bart Schutz
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