Master of Online Persuasion

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An online course by international renowned expert Bart Schutz

8 blocks of extensive persuasion deep dives

Your questions answered in live Q&A sessions

Take the final exam and obtain a certificate

You can start this online course at any time and run it on your own pace

The Master of Online Persuasion is a perfect blend of gathering knowledge, understand how it works, and then apply it. This training is an eye-opener - Dorine Saes while working at Rabobank

A brand new platform: the wheel of persuasion course is improved and everyone can start at any moment in time!

The best, quickest and most effective way to learn about the workings of our brain and a matching range of techniques to measurably grow online - Roald Tichelaar while working at Technische Unie

My goal was to be more effective in my A/B testing (with the use of scientific psychological theories instead of only analytic knowledge) and I succeeded! - Annemarie Klaassen while working at TUI travel group

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This course provides you with key insights into psychology which will enable you to better understand your customers. Since marketing is defined as ‘communicating the value of a product to customers’, psychology can be seen as the science behind marketing.

How does your customer make decisions? What’s the role of emotion and ratio in decision making? How can you, working in marketing, influence this process of decision making?

You’ll learn about major psychological models and theories. Also, you’ll be handed ‘tools’ in the form of evidence based persuasion techniques. We’ll show you how you can use these techniques to effectively improve your online channels.

Your teacher: Bart Schutz - Psychologist

 Author of "The Wheel of Persuasion"

 20 years of studying online user behavior

International keynote speaker

See Bart presenting at Conversions @ Google in Dublin

See Bart his slides from Conversion Jam Stockholm

Price now:

$800 for the

full course


Course details

- 8 deep dives into the major psychological topics

- Every deep dive has 2 hours of video content and takes 4 hours including the reading material

- You can do the course when it suits your schedule

- Bart's team of psychologists will answer all the questions you have on the platform

- And you have the opportunity to ask Bart all your questions once a month via a live Q&A

- After every deep dive, you'll have multiple choice exam questions to test your knowledge

- If you pass the course, you'll obtain the master of online persuasion certificate!

Master of Online Persuasion course

 8 blocks of extensive persuasion deep dives

 Your questions answered in live Q&A sessions

 Take the final exam and obtain a certificate

You can start this online course at any time and run it on your own pace