Your customers’ decision to buy, use and promote your products depends – so science says – partly on your marketing efforts (lucky you…). The good old 4P-model applies here (or the more customer-focused SIVA-model): How you present your product or ‘Solution‘ influences your success. The same applies to how you relate ‘Information‘ about your offer (promotion), how ‘Accessible‘ your products are (place), and of course its perceived ‘Value‘ (price).

Equivalence Framing

"The way things are stated or portrayed, highly influences our choices" Equivalence framing is the purposely stating or portraying - logically equivalent - information in such a way, that it encourages certain interpretations of the meaningful context, and discourages certain others. These "different, but logically equivalent frames" cause us to alter our preferences. Equivalency frames

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Present Focus Bias (or Immediacy Effect)

"We show a preference for rewards that arrive sooner rather than later" Present Focus Bias When we consider a choice between two options or rewards, we tend to prefer the readily available one. In other words: the current and near-future are incredibly powerful. Dan Ariely explains the present focus bias as the ‘Adam

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Emphasis Framing

"The focus on specific subsets of relevant aspects, highly influences our judgments" Emphasis Framing In order to understand and make sense of the world around us, we constantly interpret the meaning of the things and events that we notice. We call this 'framing'. For example, if you evaluate plans to encourage electrically powered

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Limited Numbers & Editions

"We value things higher, when they become scarce" Alfa Mito "Limited Edition" We don't like missing out on opportunities. We hate it when choices are no longer available. In this way, 'scarcity' can be seen as a form of loss aversion (we don't want to lose an opportunity and become more risk-seeking when

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