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Meso & macro environment

Meso & macro environment

Domestic Country Bias

“We prefer domestic products over imported ones”

We have a bias against foreign products and favor domestic ones. This domestic country bias is manifested in our product perceptions as well as our buying behavior.

One should be careful though; the domestic country bias does not apply to all product categories. Moreover, this bias is more prevalent when our patriotic feelings are activated (e.g. Independence Day in the US, Kingsday in The Netherlands, or when your national team wins the World Cup).
Scientific research example:
Imagine you consider buying a DIY-drill. Do you think your preference is dependent on your nationality, or not? Of

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Country of Origin-effect

“We prefer products from stereotypical countries”

We tend to stereotype products based on their country of origin. This effect is specific to a product category, and particularly relevant for brands with a weak country of origin (e.g. countries that we stereotype as producing low-quality goods). Especially quality perception is vulnerable to the Country of Origin-effect and the effect is higher when we’re a novice in the market.

For example – Germany is typically known for building good cars, whereas the French produce the best wine, the Swiss the best watches, and the Japanese are known for good TV sets.

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