We have a tendency to overestimate the effect of ourselves and our personalities and underestimate the effect of the situation and the environment in explaining our behavior (we call this the fundamental attribution error). In reality we are highly influenced by the momentary ‘Context‘ in which we make our decisions, by our ‘Social Environment‘, as well as by our ‘Meso & Macro environment‘ (such as our culture and politics) and -of course- the ‘Competitive Environment‘.

Domestic Country Bias

“We prefer domestic products over imported ones" Domestic Country Bias We have a bias against foreign products and favor domestic ones. This domestic country bias is manifested in our product perceptions as well as our buying behavior. One should be careful though; the domestic country bias does not apply to all product categories.

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Weather effects

“The weather affects our decisions" Weather effects on online decision making Weather conditions influence our mood. And is well established in the psychological literature that mood, feelings, and emotions affect our decisions. On sunny days, we're happier and more satisfied with life in general than on rainy days. This is because we misattribute

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Position targeting

"We are easily influenced in which few product attributes we use to make a comparison" Position Targetting When choosing between competing products, we find it hard to compare complex aspects. We even find it hard to use more than a few simple comparison attributes. Therefore we tend to base comparisons between competitors on

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Country of Origin-effect

"We prefer products from stereotypical countries" Country-of-Origin Effect We tend to stereotype products based on their country of origin. This effect is specific to a product category, and particularly relevant for brands with a weak country of origin (e.g. countries that we stereotype as producing low-quality goods). Especially quality perception is vulnerable to

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