General examples of nudges and tactics focused on influencing and changing our UNCONSCIOUS BRAIN PROCESSES (to uplift persuasiveness and customer experience).

Domestic (or Home) Country Bias

“We prefer domestic products over imported ones" domestic (home) country bias We have a bias against foreign products and favor domestic ones. This domestic country bias is manifested in our product perceptions as well as our buying behavior. One should be careful though; the domestic country bias does not apply to all


“When others mimic our behavior, we like them more" Mimicry Mimicry refers to the (often subconscious and automatic) imitation of other people’s behavior. You yawn when I yawn. You smile when I smile. You shake your foot when I shake my foot. We mimic because mimicry has clear benefits for us and it

Endowment effect

“When we own goods, we value them higher than when we don't” How we value items depends on whether or not it is ours. The effect (also known as 'divestiture aversion') is that when there are two identical products, we especially value the one we own. In other words: we want more money if we

Self-generation memory effect

“If we think of it ourselves, we find it easy to remember" We remember information better if it is generated by our own mind, more so than when we read or hear it from someone else. So if you want your customer to remember something, a highly effective strategy is to have him generate the

Present Focus Bias (or Immediacy Effect)

"We show a preference for rewards that arrive sooner rather than later" Present Focus Bias When we consider a choice between two options or rewards, we tend to prefer the readily available one. In other words: the current and near-future are incredibly powerful. Dan Ariely explains the present focus bias as the ‘Adam

Weather effects

“The weather affects our decisions" Weather effects on online decision making Weather conditions influence our mood. And is well established in the psychological literature that mood, feelings, and emotions affect our decisions. On sunny days, we're happier and more satisfied with life in general than on rainy days. This is because we misattribute

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