Nudges and psychological tactics focused on influencing and changing our CONSCIOUS THOUGHTS and decisions (to uplift persuasiveness and customer experience).

Status quo bias

“We have a tendency to do nothing" We have an irrational preference for the current state of affairs. Even when offered a new option or choice, we tend to stick to the default option. The status quo bias is closely related to loss aversion and anchoring & adjustments since the default option is taken as

Emphasis Framing

"The focus on specific subsets of relevant aspects, highly influences our judgments" Emphasis Framing In order to understand and make sense of the world around us, we constantly interpret the meaning of the things and events that we notice. We call this 'framing'. For example, if you evaluate plans to encourage electrically powered

Signalling Triggers, Reminders & Alerts

"Even when highly motivated and able, we need a little reminder to make us act" In order for us to act, we must 1) be sufficiently motivated, 2) have the ability to perform the behavior, and 3) be triggered to perform the behavior (based on B.J Fogg's 2009 paper describing his Fogg Behavioral Model). Even

Sparking Triggers

"Often our motivation - and thereby actions - can be ignited rather easily" When something is really easy to do, but our motivation isn't very high, we tend to do nothing. However, 'sparking triggers' can rather easily boost our motivation, and thereby do make us act. A 'Sparking Trigger' will make us act when: We

Facilitating Triggers

"Often our ability to act - and thereby our acting - can be ignited rather easily" When we have high motivation but lack ability, a 'Facilitating Trigger' can make us act. A facilitator not only triggers us but also makes the intended behavior easier to do. Facilitating Trigger An effective facilitator explains how

Position targeting

"We are easily influenced in which few product attributes we use to make a comparison" Position Targetting When choosing between competing products, we find it hard to compare complex aspects. We even find it hard to use more than a few simple comparison attributes. Therefore we tend to base comparisons between competitors on

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